Ken Cuccinelli's Extreme Views

Are Putting Guns In The Wrong Hands

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Cuccinelli Opposed Closing The Gun-Show Loophole

Source: Richmond Times Dispatch 1/24/08 In the Virginia legislature, Ken Cuccinelli voted against requiring a criminal background check for people who purchase a firearm at gun shows.

Cuccinelli's Extreme View Mean Criminals And The Mentally Ill Could Buy Guns

Source: Richmond Times Dispatch, 1/18/12 Cuccinelli's vote helped preserve the gun-show loophole, which means that in Virginia convicted criminals and those with dangerous mental illness can evade laws in the books and buy a gun legally.

More Than 400 Guns Sold At Gun Shows Wound Up In Criminals' Hands

Source: Richmond Times Dispatch, 1/25/07 According to official records, between 2002 and 2005, more than 400 guns sold at gun shows just in the Richmond, VA area alone were involved in criminal activity.

Issued AG opinion forcing universities to "jump through hoops" to ban guns on campus

Source: The Roanoke Times 9/23/12; The Winchester Star, 2/25/05; House Bill 2535, 2005 In September 2012, the Roanoke Times described having to pass regulations banning guns on campus as "jump[ing] through Attorney General Cuccinelli’s hoops."

In February 2005, Cuccinelli was one of 28 state senators who voted to pass House Bill 2535, which was a bill to "expand the list of people who can bring a firearm onto public school campuses in Virginia" by allowing "valid concealed handgun permit owners to possess a handgun while in ‘a parking lot, traffic circle, or other means of vehicular ingress or egress to the school.’" [The Winchester Star, 2/25/05; House Bill 2535, 2005]

Issued AG opinion allowing individuals to keep unregistered guns concealed in cars

Source: The Washington Examiner 6/10/12 In June 2012, Cuccinelli issued an opinion stating individuals without a concealed carry permit can keep firearms and handguns hidden in their vehicles. Individuals with firearms and handguns without a concealed carry permit do not have to register their guns.

Sponsored legislation allowing individuals to carry concealed guns while drinking in bars

Source: The Associated Press 2/11/04 In February 2004, the Senate Courts of Justice Committee killed Sen. Kenneth Cuccinelli's bill that would have permitted concealed weapons in bars and restaurants if the holder did not have a blood alcohol content greater than .02 percent.

Filed brief stating individuals don't need a "good and substantial reason" to carry handguns

Source: The Richmond Times Dispatch 8/12/12 In August 2012, the Richmond Times Dispatch reported Cuccinelli filed an amicus brief in a Maryland gun case on behalf of Virginia and 13 other states in support of a federal district court ruling that struck down a Maryland law. The law in question only grants handgun carry permits to people who can prove a "good and substantial reason" that they faces a specific or imminent threat to their personal safety beyond that of ordinary citizens.

Cuccinelli's brief argues that Maryland's "good and substantial reason" requirement to obtain a handgun carry permit for self-defense outside of the home "impinges on the constitutional rights of its citizens."

Cuccinelli was One Of Only Three Attorneys General To Oppose Renewing The Violence Against Women Act

Source: Washington Post 7/12/13 In 2012, 47 out of 50 Attorneys General were part of a bipartisan push to renew Violence Against Women Act, which protects women and their families from domestic violence. But Cuccinelli opposed this important bill.

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